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Shunbo Alloy Jiangsu, Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of Chongqing Shunbo Aluminum Co., Ltd.. Located in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, it covers an area of over 250,000㎡ with an annual capacity of 300,000 metric tons.

As one of the top secondary aluminum manufacturers in China, Shunbo Alloy combines research, developing, production and sale of aluminum alloy ingots, with its devotion to the recycling of aluminum scrap. Its various grades of aluminum alloy ingots are widely used by the big names in the industries of automobile, motorcycles, machinery and electrical equipment, and have occupied over 15% of the domestic market share. On August 28th, 2020, Shunbo Alloy went public on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) under the name of "Shunbo Alloy" (stock code 002996).


Mar. 2003

The parent company Chongqing Shunbo Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. Wang Zhenjian as a family business in Hechuan District, Chongqing, Southwest China.

Jun. 2010

Its first subsidiary Qingyuan Shunbo Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd. was founded in Guangdong Province, extending the company’s influence to South China region.

May 2016

Shunbo Alloy Jiangsu, Co., Ltd. was launched in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province as its second subsidiary with an aim to play a big part in the East China market.


The four production lines of Shunbo Alloy Jiangsu, Co., Ltd. have been in operation with an annual output of 200,000 metric tons. The fifth and sixth production lines are under construction.

Aug. 2020

The company went public with its IPO on Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the name Shunbo Alloy, a milestone in its development towards higher level.


With new projects under way, the company will enrich its production lines by entering the market of aluminum billets and slabs.


  • Our core values are based on company integrity, product quality and social responsibility.
  • We value every employee and make safety our priority for all the staff.
  • We imbed craftsmanship into our products to meet the customers’ requirements.
  • With the company’s motto “Never Stop, Forever Create”, our goal is to be a leading enterprise in the recycled aluminum alloy industry.
  • We adhere to the national policy for peaking CO2 emissions and carbon neutrality.
  • Our vision is to build a green world with its metal scraps fully recycled, and its resources minimally exploited.